Please find attached a transcription of our Dad's diary from his around Australia trip in 1951. I think you will find it an interesting slice of pre-television Australia when hitching a lift was de rigueur, the sexes had their defined roles, having a shot didn't make you a terrorist and sleeping rough was all part of the adventure!! The "italics" are mine when I couldn't read something or I had some query otherwise. If you have been to the areas and know I have the names wrong, please let me know - ditto for the people's names if you knew Bruce or the people involved.


On that note, I have been trying to trace "Jack" (Cobby) who he went with as he was 10 years younger than dad so thought he may still be alive and interested in the story. Just this week I received an email from his son to say that his dad had passed away in 1991 - shame.


I'm not sure whether he ever intended it to be published but it has certainly given me a chance to get to know my father like I never had the chance to know him in life. I dont think he would have minded having the wider audience. I'm not sure whether mum ever read the diary but I hope she did.


"A/T" I assume stands for afternoon tea but I have kept the transcription as original as possible despite my instinct to correct grammar!! I also have some photos to go with the words but am in the process of scanning them so you will have to wait for the "Bond" history book for those!!


I hope you enjoy and would welcome any feedback/stories from those who may know anything more of the story - maybe something that can go in the body of my book? - I guess I am thinking the Dustings and Rob/Gav Youl here in particular.






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By the way here are some picks from the trip


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