†† Dear Hop, you donít mind me calling you dear do you, well here I am in the States, been going for a week and a half, spent a fortune and still havenít found my feet yet. Started off flew into L.A and found out after a 14 hour flight and 5 hours sleep in 72, that I couldnít work the phones. Complete mental breakdown, fortunately two Swedish girls were having the same problem and between the three of us we managed to work out the problem.

††† Next to the hostel, ripped off by the bus driver $1.00 for the 25 cent fare and a 45 minute ride through downtown L.A. Fast food, oil pumps and gas stations. Shit, L.A. is the most depressing place in the whole world. I got to the hostel but couldnít sleep, two hours at the most.

†† The next morning the guy in the next bunk (an Aussie, the place is full of them) asks me if I want to buy a car. I hum and har, take it for a drive and bargain him down to $500 and buy it, a neat little 72 Ford Pinto probably worth $2500 in aussie. The only problem was that I didnít have any money and it was Saturday, but off to the bank (everything here is open all the time) and a flash of the old credit card and we got $500. The only problem was that we stopped at a shop to buy some smokes and also got a half dozen cans (everything here sells grog).

†† Soon were off on an amazing bender during the day Iím in an English pub drinking pommie beer, down the wharf drinking U.S. beer. In the front seat of a truck smoking shit with a Vietnam vet (shit man them 50 cals start off small but they look as big as basketballs as they go past the slick), trying to chat up 35 year olds and end up at Dennys at four Oíclock in the morning still talking bullshit to the waitress. No sleep that night either and the next day itís back on the piss again. 8 oíclock that night I had to pick up Sam from L.A.X, rolled up to the airport half pissed nearly missed her but flight was late, so I waited. By this time I was really tired, but it was great to see her. The only problem was that it took an hour for her bags to get off the plane and they weighed a ton when they got there.

†† Anyway I eventually get back to the hostel and crash out and next thing I know itís 9.30 in the morning and some guy is waking me up telling me thereís a girl outside waiting for me and sheís really pissedoff. Sheís been there since 7am (silly girl though I said weíd get an early start) so we went to Disneyland. But it was closed Monday and Tuesday so we went to San Francisco which was great (that took 3 days). We rode the cable cars and generally pissed about. It was really nice to spend a few days with somebody that I didnít have to tell my lifeís story to (you wouldnít believe how repetitive it gets) then tell all about Australia, besides sheís got a great set of tits (donít show Si this letter) so it was a real bummer to see her off at the airport.

††† Anyhow from there I took off to Lake Tahoe south via the golden gate bridge where I met two Aussies and went for the best days skiing that I have ever had in my life. Tow tickets here cost $24 per day (expensive) and skies about $8 but the ski runs are almost 3 miles long and drop about 4000 feet. They have great snow cover and the snow is that dry that you cant make snowballs out of it.

Anyhow from there I went to Las Vegas (Iíll tell you about it later) which is absolutely an amazing place, stayed there for two days which was about all I could handle.

††† After that I went to Pheonix and am now in the grand canyon. Have sucked heaps of piss (which they sell everywhere over here) And drugs (which everyone seems to have). A good example of what goes on over here is when I was walking out of the grand canyon when I met this guy coming down so I started to talk to him something like Giday how are ya and before I could say anything else he said ďare you an Australian do you want to smoke a jointĒ. So here I am half way up the grand canyon sitting talking to an American getting stoned (while all these people were riding past about 2 foot away on mules). Just looking at the great scenery.

†††† The people over here love the aussie accent (especially the women) and you can get just about anything by talking to them in the right way. Though Iíve had a few thick yanks like the one who asked me where I came from and then said what part of England is that in, or the hooker who told me I spoke good English for an aussie and then proceeded to ask me what language we spoke in Australia. The other strange thing over here is that a lot of Americans donít understand me, but thatís nothing unusual as a lot of aussies donít either. Anyhow bye for now I cant be bothered writing anymore.